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A native Angelino, born and raised in the Valley, and relocating with her husband and children to the South Bay in 1998, Roma is well versed in the neighborhoods on both sides of the hill. Redondo Beach is where she and her husband of 27 years reside, along with their two children, Nicolette and Cole. Roma entered the field of real estate on the financial and property management side, working as a Loan Officer and Property Manager prior to becoming a Realtor. She owns and manages investment properties, short term and long term rental properties, and knows a good deal when she sees one! She holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Human Resource Management, and prior to entering the real estate industry, she worked in the entertainment industry for Warner Bros. for a decade where she honed her negotiating skills and the art of navigating high-stress situations. Roma is an excellent problem solver, brings high energy, enthusiasm, and above all, listens to the wants and desires of her clients for successful results. She never, ever gives up and is one of the most tenacious Realtors you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting, plus, she’s lots of fun to hang out with when she’s driving you around LA. Buying or selling a property can be incredibly stressful, but she intends to make sure you don’t lose your mind in the process!