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Seniors On The Move

Roma & Marco’s Senior Moving Plan to Assisted Living

While aging in place is always a preference of seniors, life has a way of changing one’s plans and a senior needs to make the move into Assisted Living. With each senior there are different situations to be considered. Perhaps they want to downsize and move into an Assisted Living Home because they’re ready to live with other seniors in a vibrant community.  It may also be not out of choice but for ailing health reasons. Often times, it is a precipitating event which does not allow them to return to their home to live alone. Once this happens and the new Assisted Living Home has been selected, the next step can be overwhelming for the family members to cope with. This is where Roma & Marco step in and help ease the burden of this process for the family members involved. A few things that need to be considered when a senior is looking to downsize their current home into their new Assisted Living Home:

  • They have accumulated years of belongings. Some may even be hoarders – my own mother was the best example of this whereby we had to remove 5000 square feet of junk and trash from her own home when it came time to move her into an Assisted Living Home. It was a painful and embarrassing situation.  From my experience I understand that compassion, and extreme patience is of the utmost importance during this time – Roma.
  • They need to move their clothes and select which belongings they want to take with them into their new home.
  • Perhaps their family lives out of state, or their adult children are too busy with their own lives juggling jobs, children and schedules to orchestrate mom/dad’s move?
  • Most importantly, how do they pay for their new housing and care?

The transition can be a painful process for all involved in this new and uncharted territory. Having gone through this with our own parents, we know how stressful and challenging this can be for all involved, especially with so many moving parts to this transition process, both mentally and physically for the senior, and stressful and emotional for the family members involved.

How do we help solve some of these problems once the Assisted Living Facility has been identified and the senior has a home that needs to be sold to finance their new home?

We charge a flat fee based on our valuation of what we list the home for which includes the following services:

  • We will personally work with a family member and/or loved one along with our partnered vendor to select the clothes and furniture that they’ll be moving into their new Assisted Living home. No family member available for this transition? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.
  • We can help connect you and your loved one with interim financing for short term Assisted Living if needed during the process of the selecting long term housing.
  • We are partnered with Grasons Co. Estate Sale Services. Their services begin with understanding your current situation and your goals. Their job is to facilitate the entire process while minimizing the stress for our clients. Once you hire Grasons Co. South Bay, you will be handing over all the stress, clean up, selling and organization to them and feel instant relief. The estate sale services they provide vary depending on the need of their clients. Their ability to be flexible and willing to meet their clients’ needs has earned them the title of the #1 Estate Sale Company nationwide. They are also certified, insured and bonded so that you may have added comfort while they are in your home. They have facilitated many sales that require proper planning and coordination of various parties involved. Their goal is to be the liaison that bares all the responsibility of ensuring your estate sale is a successful one and meets all the deadlines and requirements of all parties involved. They are looking forward to meeting you for a free consultation of your estate and explaining the entire sale process.
  • After the estate sale, through our selected contractor, we’ll prepare the home for sale and will orchestrate everything that needs to be accomplished to get it on the market. This includes professional photos, video, drone footage of the home’s location and community amenities, floor plan, staging, etc. When we have our consultation with you, we will outline what we cover and our repair cap based on the listing price of the home.
  • If the senior is being moved out of state to be in an assisted living facility closer to family, and the family would like the furniture and contents of the home, we will work with the family to get the items shipped with our preferred vendors.
  • We have a team of seasoned professionals who are non-judgmental and compassionate – two qualities which are crucial during this transition for both the seniors and their family. We also have experience working with hoarder situations, so not to worry, we have you covered!

Our consultation services with family members and with the senior are FREE of charge. We are happy to discuss your situation and present our plan to you so you can rest assure and know that you’re in good hands and that your loved one(s) will be taken care of. Roma is a certified Senior Residential Specialist, and both Roma and Marco only align themselves with reputable and compassionate vendors.


Client Testimonials

“When I got the call from the hospital that my mother wouldn’t be able to come home and live on her own anymore, I went into sheer panic! I live in another state so I needed someone local to take control. I was introduced to Roma & Marco and they were able to retrieve her belongings, get her moved into the Assisted Living home that I found, remove all of the items from her home and prep it for sale. They were able to sell her property for more than I imagined! My mother was also a hoarder and it was a very embarrassing situation. They were very compassionate and non-judgmental. Selling the home was crucial for us to afford her care, and because of them, my mother is thriving with a new zest for life in her Assisted Living home. They’re amazing!” – Roberta Hiday, Sequim WA

“Roma and Marco prepared the clearing of my mother’s home with their outstanding crew and we couldn’t be happier with the results. From removing the contents, the estate sale, prepping the home, professional photos, drone footage, community video, door knocking the neighborhood and their social media marketing expertise, they had over 300+ people come to the open houses and we received 32 offers! They removed the insurmountable stress and worry off my plate and took care of anything and everything that came up throughout the process. They are truly amazing. I highly recommend them!” – Annie McAdams (daughter/trustee), Redondo Beach CA


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